Hey, I'm Jack.

I'm a Georgia-based web developer and UX designer. My speciality is the user-centered design process: research, design, development, and evaluation. The sites I create are attractive, highly usable, and easy to maintain.

About Me

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My name is Jack Butts, and I'm a freelance web developer and UX designer. I recently graduated with an M.A. from Clemson University, and I'm now seeking employment. My coursework and self-taught expertise have trained me to prototype beautiful, usable designs and also code them at a production level.

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My Process

1. Research

Any user-centered design project begins with learning about users. I perform task analyses and interview authentic users—the real people who will be using your product—to discover their needs. Depending on the size of the product's audience, surveying can also be a meaningful way of capturing user input.

2. Design

Using the collected research, I design personas to help me keep track of the target user groups. Then, Photoshop and Axure are used to fashion wireframes and prototypes. These early visual representations for the project allow me to share my progress and solicit feedback before development begins.

3. Development

Moving from concept to code, my development process consists of building websites using HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, and PHP. Utilizing jQuery and SASS makes life easier, and I often turn to either Bootstrap or Foundation when I need a responsive framework.

4. Evaluation

A project can't be deemed successful until real users have evaluated it. After performing a heuristic evaluation of the website myself, I conduct usability tests. During these tests, I ask participants to complete tasks on the website. This informal testing helps uncover functional problems with the website that are fixed before the final version is delivered to the client.

Recent Work


  • Jack asked smart questions, and always made sure he understood not only the technical aspects but also the 'vision' we were after. He inspired confidence in us and what we were doing, and turned what could have been a stressful process into something enjoyable and stimulating.

    — Jason Crider, University of Florida

  • He’s so easy to get along with and made the projects we worked on a pleasant experience. He does his part in getting the work done and more often than not does more than is expected of him. Jack would be a strong asset to any team he is on and is GREAT for company culture!

    — Mary Dickens, Technical Writer at Cengage Learning

  • I would absolutely recommend him. He is so nice and helpful and never tears you down for your ideas or opinions. He is very prepared for class every day, he is never late and he always has interesting material to go over. He expects you to do your work, and if you do you will get a lot out of the class.

    — Anonymous Student Evaluation

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